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Opening hours
Mon-Fri: 12.00-20.00
Sat: 12.00-15.00
Sun: Closed
Grilled sardines with salade
11,50 €
Grilled grouper fish with vegetables and boiled potatoes
19,90 €
Cod baked in hot oil and garlic with potato and cooked vegetables
18,90 €
Baked cod with grain and boiled potatoes
16,90 €
Grilled bream with potatoes and boiled vegetables
13,90 €
Grilled Seabass with boiled potatoes and boiled vegetables
13,90 €
Grilled or fried sole with bean rice
19,90 €
Grilled scabbardfish with boiled vegetables and potatoes
13,90 €
Luxury madeira scarbardfish grilled or fried with rice and beans
13,90 €
Hake fish cooked with boiled vegetables
12,50 €
Grilled mixed fish with baked potatoes and salad
19,90 €
Codfish cakes with rice and beans
10,90 €
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Due to the high demand for our restaurant, we do not accept reservations.